Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mental health can be obtained by Walk

Routine foot not only provide positive benefits for our body. Apparently, this practice is also good for mental health. With time set aside for 30 minutes per day to walk leisurely, healthy cardiovascular organs, and the mood well kept.

According to experts, people who regularly walk to feel the benefits are:
- Not easy to stress
Problems in work and social life, very easy to light stress. We can suppress them by creating activities that can calm the emotions. The recommended one is to walk leisurely. So, if we have a regular walking schedule, we are experiencing stress may automatically shrink.

- More confident
Get used to walk around the complex where we live. Bring your spouse or friend to accompany. Ambled will make us feel more comfortable and confident as they passed by a neighbor or someone else known. Awkward taste will disappear by itself.

- Faster recovery from illness
Many doctors recommend that people who were experiencing health problems for the diligent walk. Besides being the simplest form of exercise, walking can help restore the body's resistance.
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Ufianda(uny, fikri, titi, ani, dayat) is the name of student who want to be succesman and woman. This is our blog. we make blog to give information about health. Thanks for your coming and your comment. :)
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