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How to Disease Prevention Sex

Genital treatment sometimes need other treatment than others. In addition to location that is not visible directly, so his observations more difficult. But treatment remains to be done and the following tips on caring for the genitals, whether male or female.

Men and women have different genitalia, including the form, structure and function utility. And of course the treatment is also different. The vagina is owned by a woman susceptible to infection and irritation, in contrast to the penis which is owned by a man because most of the penis skin thick enough to make it more resistant to irritation and infection.

In care often wrong, as an example, female genitals are often cleaned using ordinary soap or cleanser that is not clear composition implies, or sprinkle talcum powder, and even sprayed perfume in the vagina. For example he also uses a pair of tight, this can cause other problems.

And here are some tips on caring for our genitals;

1. After urinating or large
Always try to wash the outside of the genitals with water and soap. For women, with water front to back and not vice versa. This is to prevent the entry of germs from the anus to the vagina. For men, quite simply clean with clean water.

2. Cleanliness underwear
Fitting in a day, minimal change underwear twice to maintain cleanliness. Also choose a pair of materials that can easily absorb the sweat, because if the fungus is not able to stick in the genitals. Avoid to exchange clothes with others in that even his own family, because everyone has different sexual conditions.

3. Using public toilets
flush before use (flushing), this is to prevent transmission of other users if there is a venereal disease. Should always use water coming out through the tap or tissue, and avoid the use of the tub / bucket, because according to the study of stagnant water in public toilets containing 70% yeast candida albicans (the cause of vaginal discharge and itching in the vagina).

4. Caring for hair to grow around the genitals
Avoid clean up pubic hairs in the way pulled out because there will be a hole in the former and the pubic hair into the entrance of bacteria, germs, and fungi. Furthermore it may cause skin irritation and disease. Treatment is recommended for fur trimming with a shortened course, with scissors or shaved but not before using the bubbles in advance and use a special razor soft, and had been cleaned with soap and hot water. Keep in mind when using the store in the place clean and dry, not in a humid place and do not use them interchangeably even with the husband / wife.

These hairs function for genital health, which is useful to stimulate the growth of good bacteria that fight bad bacteria and prevent the entry of small foreign objects into the vagina, genitals keep warm and a cushion when sexual intercourse and protect from friction. So diligently to keep it from the nest and fungus infestation.

5. Usage pantyliner
Pantyliner usage is not recommended for daily use, should be used only when Pantyliner whitish. It is better to bring a pair of replacement rather than using pantyliner every day.

6. Avoid using underwear and jeans are very tight
Wearing underwear and jeans that are too tight in the groin area can cause the skin to breathe hard and eventually can cause the area to sweat, moisture, mildew and susceptible to irritation. Use of tight pants for men can make the blood circulation is not smooth and make the penis and testicles in hot conditions. Excessive heat by the temperature, sweat, and clothes that are too tight, can decrease sperm quality.

7. Avoid spraying perfume / fragrance into the vagina

8. True to his own partner
This is also one of the tips on maintaining and caring for genitals, avoid to 'snack' or cheating.

9. Do not be lazy to change pads
For women who are menstruating / periods to replace the pads are not lazy because when menstruation germs and is easy to enter the existing sanitary blood clot is the development of fungi and bacteria. Try to replace every 4 hours, 2-3 times a day, or have felt uncomfortable. Do not forget to clean the vagina before when changing pads.

10. Routine Inspection
Try to always do a routine check on the genitals;
* For men, the examination of the testes (testicles) can be done alone, by the way:
- Know the size, shape, and weight of each testicle
- Using both hands, around each testicle
- Be aware if there is a small lump under the skin, in the front or along the testis. If a lump or swelling, immediately consult a doctor.
- If there is something unusual and not feel uncomfortable, consult your doctor immediately as well.
* If there are changes in color, sometimes with a dreadful smell and itching on the genitals, immediately consult a doctor.

Well that's just tips on caring for the genitals, the guard can prevent the occurrence of venereal disease.
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