Monday, December 14, 2009

How to Make a Little Healthier Eating.

1. Bring the whole family to participate
Encourage your child to participate in taking the groceries. For example, by giving each a health food grocery list that you want to buy it. Children should not enter the food is not listed in the list into the shopping cart. They'll get used to exposure to healthy food by itself.

2.Serve Small portion
To ensure that your child does not eat too much, make sure he only got the food with bread servings. Prevent your child does not eat too many snacks, separate snack for him in small portions. For example, prepare 1 place for him to eat snacks that contain should he eat. This is useful to avoid excessive food consumption, as well control taking out portions of food.

3. Calcium intake
Children need calcium, especially being in a period of growth. You must be more intelligent in running tactics. For example, add low-fat cheese, high calcium into the breakfast omelet, or a high-melt cheese on bread calcium. Clever-clever to be creative so that your baby needs fulfilled vitamins and healthy.
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