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Tips For Treating Thrush With Plants

Mouth feel pain, discomfort, and in it appeared gaping wounds. If this condition, so no good to eat, talk was so sick That result caused by thrush.

Symptoms that arise due to sprue (or often also called canker sores) can actually be prevented by maintaining oral health. If you've got, usually treatment with an antihistamine preparations, antacids, corticosteroids, or other conditioning preparations. Also, avoid hot and spicy foods often increase the pain in the mouth earlier.

Sprue is not a deadly disease. However, if the disease is perched at the mouth, we are so miserable. To get rid of him could help some other plants are easily found around us.

In expelling the sprue, betel can also be paired with sage leaves or telik saga areuy (Abrus precatorius.). By giving friends on betel gempur expected power of the stronger sprue. Because, according to the experience and research results, sage leaf, too, has the ability like betel leaves.

Therefore, if you want to use sage leaves can also be telik. Half-shrub plant leaves wrapped around to the left and climb until it reaches a height of 5 meters if not pruned it, it includes material that drugs can cure thrush quickly and safely.

Utilization can be in several ways. Among the chewed leaves one or two times a day until healed. The number of chewed it sparingly. Can also rinse water with betel leaves.

Or, by drinking water. Way, with 2 ounces of boiling sage leaves in 2 l of water until the water is staying half. Cooking water is used to rinse the mouth and swallowed. It was bitter at first, but then think it turned into a kind of sweet cinnamon. This herb can also be given a piece of cinnamon to taste.

According to Chiang et al. (1983), as quoted by O. Udin S.D. of the Research Center of Spices and Medicinal Crops, Bogor, vine leaves with seeds of red beans, black spots contain abruslactone A., methyl abrusgenate, and abrusgenic acid.

Meanwhile, other written evidence that the plant leaves mentioned in the WHO declared the priority list as the most used medicinal plant in the world contains glycyrhizin (glisirisin). Whereof no less than 15%. Less clear, whether this soft organic acids are able to resist sprue or other compounds. To be sure, people have used similar sized leaves leaves this acid for a long time and proved able to drive a little sore in the mouth.

In traditional medicine or natural, is known for several other plants are often mentioned to cure thrush. Name the betel leaf, sage leaf telik, cashew fruit sticks, cucumber fruit, and palm juice.

These plants could be a single drug. Can also be combined, as has been used as a drug ingredient that has been sold sprue-free. The drug is based telik sage leaf, betel leaf, and cinnamon bark.

If you want practical, buy the drug was appropriate. However, if we grow in the garden plants that have the ability to cure thrush, it is more practical when making their own. Live quotes, processed into drugs, and used. No need to bother to step on the gas or take public transportation.

Call it in the yard now grow betel plant (Piper betle L). To make the drug, we can chew one to two leaves until creamed. results left some time in the mouth, and pulp removed. Or, rinse with water. If not, the water may be swallowed. In a day may be one to two times.

Plants originating from India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia has been known since the year 600 BC. In the leaves of broad oval, elliptical,oval with heart-shaped base and pointed tip of this short, contains essential oils that can evaporate.

Among the largest chavicol and betlephenol. Aroma typical of betel leaf and oil it was the last chavicol content. This compound has a strong antiseptic power and the power to kill bacteria could be up to 5 times the normal phenol.

Leaf length measuring from 6 to 17.5 cm and width from 3.5 to 10 cm also contains allylrocatechol, cineole, caryophyllene, menthone, eugenol, and methyl ether. In fact, it contains vitamins C and alkaloids the same as cocaine. Some also mentioned the scientific literature, betel leaves contain an enzyme diastase, sugar and tannins. However, young leaves contain diastase, sugar and essential oil more than the old. Meanwhile, relatively similar.

Compounds that make the betel leaves are capable of reducing sprue has not been detected. To be sure, in some ancient books of India and Greece, as quoted Dervish SN, which is mentioned leaves the main material properties has styptic (bleeding holding), vulnerary (skin wound healing), stomachic (digestive medicines), strengthens teeth, and throat.

There is also a state other than betel leaves have antiseptic abilities, also has the power as fungicides. Essential oil and extract was able to fight some bacteria gram + and gram -. Could be in the ability that makes canker not survive at home.

Currently in addition as one of the thrush drug ingredients, betel leaves are also used in the digestive tract drug groups, as expectoran, and the mouth and dental medicine in general. Specific drug use in the mouth and teeth, may be the result of scientific research based on empirical experience of the people who use it as a cure toothache, inflammation or swelling of gums, oral cavity abscesses, wound medicine tooth extraction, or as relieving bad breath. Of course, as well as drug sprue.
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