Saturday, November 28, 2009

blood examination

Before and during blood examination, a person who have hypertension or do not have to consider several things, among others:
1.Do not take medicine or substance which contains such stimultan adrenergic fenilefrin and pseudoefedrin.
2.for patients with hypertension or not before doing blood tests do not drink coffee and smoke at least 30 minutes before the examination.
3.Go back to the room before the examination shower. Because if a full bladder may cause changes in blood pressure readings.
4.Wear short-sleeved shirt so that your arms open.
5.for patients with hypertension or not, before doing blood tests should be free from pressure, stress, anxiety and pain
6.prior to measurement, sit relaxed for 5 minutes with her back. bertempratur room comfortable.
8.blood measurements at the feet must touch the floor and do not let your legs crossed.
9.measurements done in 2 times 2-minute intervals, and make the average of the 10.kepad ask your doctor or nurse to tell the results of these measurements.
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