Sunday, November 29, 2009

Early Signs migraine Brain Damage?

Have you experienced some headaches or migraines? It turned out that a migraine can make brain cells damaged even increase the risk of having a stroke until the second time.

Have experienced some headaches or migraines? Maybe a lot of headaches accompanied menggangap 'aura' (the visual disturbances like flashing lights can or black spots) is a trivial thing, but do you know if migraines can make brain cells damaged.

Recent studies say they are at risk of severe migraine suffer brain damage because the brain cells of oxygen and less bloated. Results from studies that reported by Reuters on Monday (30/04) This helped explain why migraine sufferers have a higher risk of stroke.

The findings are published in the journal Nature Neuroscience this week mentions a similar brain damage can occur because of concussion and post-stroke condition. The researchers mention the headache sufferers should not simply take painkillers but also had to take medicine to prevent migraines.

Studies using mice as these objects indicate the use of oxygen can help reduce brain damage, said Takahiro Takano, Maiken Nedergaard, and colleagues from the University of Rocherster, New York, which used the Danish pharmaceutical team, Novo Nordisk.

They studied a process called cortical spreading depression, known as CSD, which is a wave of changes in cells associated with migraine, stroke and head trauma.

They use two-photon mikrosoft and oxygen sensor microelectrodes to examine the living mouse brain while researching the process.

In the study, and swelling of the brain cells become starved of oxygen. Nerve cells damaged - especially dendrites (long, thin tissue that stretches from one nerve cell to another nerve cell).

"This research may have direct clinical implications, because several lines of work support the notion that the CDS is a neural basis of migraine with aura, and spontaneous waves of CSD may contribute to additional injuries to stroke and traumatic brain injuries," explained the researchers.

Migraine is a severe form of illness ships that make people so weak, and now has struck 28 million people in America.

Two studies, including one study published last week in the Archives in Internal Medicine, showed that people who suffer from the headaches more likely to be stricken with heart disease.

In a study conducted in 2004 and published in the British Journal says migraine sufferers have twice the risk of stroke than those who did not suffer from the headaches. In this case women are more vulnerable to certain symptoms of migraine.

Regular pain medication often has little effect on the headache, but one type of drugs called triptans, also known as serotonin agonists, and ergotamine drugs, can be used to prevent the worst effects if patients eat at the first signs appear.

Providing more oxygen dose range reduces the impact of brain waves seen in CSD, the researchers said.

They claim a number of migraine and headache patients are sometimes treated with pressurized oxygen. But not clear whether the effect is permanent migraine.

Several studies have shown that the impact of permanent, while others have shown no difference in memory and other cognitive effects in migraine patients
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