Friday, November 27, 2009

Oral Health

abscess gums (Gum Disease)

With your fingers can feel the gums are swollen and sore, sometimes has issued pus.

Common cause

* Infection of the root of the tooth or teeth around the abscess, or gum infection, or both. Bial is not treated, can cause swelling in the face.

What can you do

* Take pain medication if necessary and do not menggit the sankut teeth.
* Gargle warm salt water after meals to clean these parts (how: Enter salt into warm water, gargle, gargle, and let sit for a while the salt water in the mouth. Repeat several times).
* Immediately perikasa dental medicine.

Action to your dentist

* For dental infection, pockets of infection must be cleaned.
* Depending on the weight ringanya infection, may be required tooth care.
* In extreme cases, need antibiotics or teeth need to be removed.
* For apical infection (tooth), tooth care is needed when the tooth can be saved.
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