Saturday, November 7, 2009

Want Healthy with Aloe Vera, why not?

We have had a lot of drinks made with the use of aloe vera or aloe vera because these plants also have their uses for treatment. Meat from Aloe vera can handle the heat that can cause ulcers or sore throat. Other benefits in the health sector is able to lower cholesterol. You can drink it in a way juiced or cooked. Instead, if the meat immediately from aloe vera after the peel, because if left in the open air will cause oxidation that reduced Khasiatnya and meat will be brown.
Drink or eat meat or aloe vera leaves, aloe vera will also provide benefits for beauty. Aloe vera can also be used as a refreshing drink by adding sugar or honey water plus ice cubes. Use aloe vera or aloe vera for beauty you can expect to buy cosmetics or bottled drinks in shops or supermarkets.
But, for you who want to try traditional benefits, try to make this plant as one of the pharmacy collection in your home life. This plant is easy to grow and not have to care too much trouble. In fact, this plant can close the pores of the leaves with the meeting so that can live long without flushing. Indeed, Aloe vera is one of the traditional way to benefit both healthy and beautiful for you.
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