Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leuikimia The Killer from Within

Leukemia derived from the Greek meaning the white blood. leukimia blood cells is a destructive type of cancer of white blood cells and cause the white blood cells or leukocytes into the wild by uncontrolled division. With the uncontrolled division plus the changing nature of white blood cells that turn into a leukemia cancer in us. Consequently tau hemoglobin level of red blood cells in our bodies becomes depleted or damaged, whereas cells of red blood cells act as carriers of carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs to be cleaned and carry oxygen from the lungs throughout the body.

If the cells of red blood cells that function to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide cleaning is in our bodies depleted or damaged, then the oxygen supply is reduced and there is no transport of carbon dioxide in our bodies. Eventually our bodies will experience weakness, difficult breathing, increased heart rate and the face will look pale. That's what I experienced by people with leukemia.

Almost in every human body is an oncogene, or cancer gene contained in the chromosomes, and inside there are leukemia cancer. The factors that may cause cancer include foods high in fat, stress, smoking, physical exhaustion, descent and pollution. If within a period of 1 month after the patient was diagnosed with leukemia did not immediately diobatai it will result in the death that comes from within our bodies.
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