Friday, November 6, 2009

The bad and the smell of useful

If someone approached him indirectly, then that person will shut nose.mengkudu name, the smell is caused because there nengkudu in ascorbic acid, amino acid kaproad and kaprik. but because of the acids that cause mengkudu as a weapon of deadly disease.

Fruit that has Latin name Morinda citrifolia is a plant of tropical Indonesia. Noni grows in the ground many mountains and spread to Hawaii, the tree has a different name mengkudu NONI, NONU, or NHAU. Mengkudu the spread of the tree through the sailors who were conducting a cruise. In voyage sailors usually carry shipping supplies and interspersed with plants that are considered sacred, one of which is mengkudu trees.

This can be proved by way of the use mengkudu used as traditional medicine by the doctors and healers in each region or country of mengkudu encountered. The shaman is usually used as an enhancer mengkudu stamina. Not only that mengkudu in the body there are several active compounds are useful for us. As ascorbic acid is useful as an antioxidant in the body, while the other acids such as acid and kaprik useful kaproad a natural antibiotic.

Ingredients that are most important in mengkudu proxeronine and xeronine. Proxeronine that serves as the body-forming xeronine. Xeroninelah responsible for activating protein performance. The proteins produced by xeronine such as enzymes, antibodies and hormones needed to do functions xeronine. As for the other functions of the cell xeronine is clean and repair damaged cells, so as to restore kidney function at rest. Also able to disassemble xeronine layer of fat that clog the blood flow to the heart.

Not to mention the content of nitric oxide is contained in mengkudu useful to widen blood vessels and help launch a supply of oxygen to the heart. Thus some of the benefits and usefulness of mengkudu, hopefully can help you in maintaining health and cure your disease.
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