Sunday, November 15, 2009

Treatment For Drug Misuse and User Can be Right Back With Health

Treatment Drugs:
Addiction-treatment (detox)
-Treatment of infection
- Prevention of Drugs:

Strengthen faith
Choosing a healthy social environment
Good communication
Avoid the entrance to the smoking drug
First Aid

First aid patients bathed with warm water, drink lots, eat nutritious foods in small amounts and often and diverted attention away from drugs. If not managed to help doctors. Users must be convinced that withdrawal symptoms peak within 3-5 days and after 10 days will be lost.

Four Ways Lowers Risk Alternative drug users

-Using a disposable syringe
-Cleaning the pest (sterilization) of the syringe
-Changing habits injected with inhaled or oral tablets
-Stopping at all drug use Detoxification
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