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Substances in a Glass of Tea that can be Beneficial for the Health

Therefore, except as soft drinks, tea can also be used as a therapy for health. If we drink a cup of tea, then we at least know what the best material is in a cup of tea we drink. Any substances found in tea making is known as benefit-rich beverages? Here are some of the main substances that are useful in a cup of tea.

Polyphenols in tea form and flavanol catechins. These compounds act as antioxidants to capture free radicals in the body also works to prevent the development of cancer cells in the body. Free radicals in our bodies because of the polluted air environment pollution and also from the food we eat.
Vitamin E

In a cup of tea contains vitamin E as much about who is 100-200 IU a day for the needs of the human body. This number serves maintain heart health and make your skin smooth.
Vitamin C

This vitamin functions as immunity or resistance to the human body. In addition vitamin C also functions as an antioxidant that is necessary for the human body's resistance to disease.
Vitamin A

Vitamin A is beta-carotene in the form of tea is a vitamin that the body needs can be fulfilled.

Tea Type

Substances contained in tea is very easily oxidized. When the tea leaves in the sun, then the oxidation process had occurred. The type of tea is generally known in the community is green tea, Oolong tea (such as Java Tea Oolung / Ulung), black tea and white tea. Green tea has the best content because in the manufacturing process, this type of tea is not dried by using sunlight but use a special drying technique. While other types of tea are processed by fermentation.

Substances in the Less Good Tea

In addition to the benefits of tea, there are also substances contained in tea that results are not good for the body. Substance is caffeine. Caffeine in tea (tehine) can cause food absorption process becomes blocked. Limit safe to consume caffeine in one day is 750 mg / day or equivalent to 5 cups of tea 200 ml size.

It should be avoided during Teahouse

There is also to keep in mind when you drink tea for a useful substance in the body does not disappear, among others:

* Do not drink tea during or after a meal because they contained substances in food can be stolen by the substance stimulant tea.
* Do not drink tea on an empty stomach because it can increase stomach acid production.
* Avoid drinking tea mixed with sugar for causing substances they contain is reduced.
* Do not drink tea all night because it was a lot of substances oxidized and stale so the impact is not good for the body.
* Avoid drinking tea during pregnancy and lactation. Because caffeine and stimulant substances in tea can stimulate uterine contractions. In addition to nursing mothers would disrupt production of milk-producing glands, or milk.

Who did not lose in the manufacturing process is a way of brewing tea. To avoid errors when brewing tea, you must consider how to make tea if it is correct or not. Because of this error can cause the tea does not provide benefits for those who drink it. To make tea, use boiling water temperature 80 degrees Celsius, do not use water with a temperature higher than 80 degrees because it can make us lose the benefits of tea.

In addition, the tea can be mixed with milk. Mixed milk tea or milk tea is often known to reduce the stimulant effects of tea because the milk of calcium will bind stimulant substances in tea.

Another way is to add lemon often familiar with the name Lemon Tea. Lemon will provide protection for digestion, because the citric acid in lemon crust to prevent the intestinal wall.
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