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Depression in adolescents is worth noting

A teenager who seemed unhappy were common. However, please be aware when such unhappiness continued until more than two weeks. There are many reasons why a teenager was not happy. A stressful environment can trigger depression. With the depression, can arise guilty feelings, decrease in school performance, social interaction, unsexual orientation, and disruption of family life in adolescents.
Depression is a serious disorder that can affect thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and general health. Depression did not know the age. Old, young, adults, even teenagers can get depressed. Triggered by a trivial problem, could have depressed teenagers do things that are not public imaginable. The most dangerous of the depression is the emergence of suicide ideation or suicide attempts.
Depression is a specific thing disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, despair, loss of spirit, feeling guilty, slow in thinking, and decreased motivation to perform activities.
Consider the following signs to determine the existence of depression in adolescents:
• Feeling sad, anxious, and had no hope
• No appetite, or eat a lot and that causes a decrease in weight gain in a short time
• Waking at night, but slept through the afternoon
• Pulling away from his friends, depressed
• Activities and achievements in school decreased, decreased motivation and interest
• Easily upset and offended, be sensitive to criticism
• Low self and feel very guilty
• Concentration decreases, difficult decisions
• The change in eating or sleeping habits
• Have thoughts of suicide
If these signs occur several days to several weeks, should be consulted on health personnel. Treatment can be done by way of talking therapy, or using drugs.
There are various methods of therapy that can be done for depressed adolescents. Health personnel will consider the appropriate method for each individual. Among others by using cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy psychodinamic, interpersonal psychoterapy, supportif therapy or using drugs.
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