Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to cope with diabetes

Until now his diabetes medicine that has not been found for the treatment of diabetes supervise lifetime. The effectiveness of the treatment is determined by ourselves. There are 3 ways to overcome the tablets diabetes, injecting insulin and diet.

how to deal with diabetes with a diet that is:
eat regularly. With the food we eat on a regular basis we will be able to control the sugar levels in us.
weight control. Namely how to deal with diabetes with balancing our weight with our height.
consume foods that contain big carbohydrates . as meaning of bread, potatoes, rice, cereals and fruit.
Fatty foods properly. Ie, we turned to eat fatty foods but do not consume too much, because not good for our health. ume excessive not, because not good for our health.
fibers with the right to consume. Because there are few capable of soluble fiber in the pigeon. like a ripe beans, green bean porridge, oatmeal, because fiber can help control blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood.
how to deal with diabetes can also be done by consuming foods that contain high protein. In order for our body can repair damaged tissue
consume vitamins and minerals is sufficient. If the food we eat is not balanced then the additional perllu vitamins or minerals. But if in us there is no shortage of chromium and selenium elements would cause compilation we are stricken with diabetes.

How to cope with diabetes by the way we consume several drugs were:

How to cope with diabetes with injections The most effective insulin, so insulin directly into the bloodstream. Insulin is divided into several groups according to how it works is:
Insulin rapidly
Insulin was
insulin slow

working fast insulin is usually colored or colorless clear. Insulin is usually injected in several other parts of the body is anatara abdomen front thighs and buttocks.

so few ways to treat diabetes may be able to help you.
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