Wednesday, November 11, 2009

how to prevent osteoporosis

Although osteoporosis is not a disease that can make a person die immediately but the pain caused by osteoporosis is very ill and tortured until we die. But if we know how to prevent osteoporosis, we will reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Various ways to prevent osteoporosis in ourselves is:
sports. In our exercise with our burdens will increase the density of our bones, such as running and jumping, so that our bones become stronger. But if we are not excessive berolaraga benefit us but will harm ourselves.
reduce the risk of falling. how to prevent osteoporosis is to reduce bresiko fall, many around us who can make us fall. Therefore we must be vigilant so as not to fall and cause our bone fractures. Especially for people who have osteoporosis disease.
clever in managing the diet. In order for our bone density is maintained, we need to consume lots of calcium. because calcium is very important for the density cast and prevent drastic weight loss, because it will lower bone density so easily affected by osteoporosis.
many ways to consume vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis among other things, vitamin D, because vitamin D deficiency in us will cause our bone density decreased, resulting in osteoporosis. Therefore we consume a lot of our vitamin D or sun diterik exercise at 07.00 until 10:00. because at that moment the sun contains vitamin D.
Avoid smoking. Cigarettes are bad for all aspects of health, it proved more effective treatment of osteoporosis for people who do not smoke than those who smoke.

With our run at the level of activity, then we will reduce the risk of osteoporosis ourselves.
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