Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fruits Helpful To Make Body Beautifully

1.Pomegranate fruit
Pomegranate fruit mashed and add warm water and a little salt.then taken it can squeezed and drunk every morning and late slept.Pomegranate fruit useful to keep the body slimness.
2.Avocado fruit
Avocado fruit is ripe it split into 2.Taken then softened and smeared on the face of each will sleep.
3.Tomato fruit
Tomato fruit blend.Then place on the face.Tomato fruit can make that face large pores will shrink and make the skin more taut face.
4.Carambola fruit
Carambola fruit and grated sweet drink taken before going it water.carambola fruit can drunk late slept.fruit drinkable for the eyes often experience dizzy or less vision.
5.Lime fruit
Lime fruit is squeezed and split and then retrieved later used rinse water is newly shampooed hair sampo.Lime fruit wear can make the hair shine and become fertile.
6.Cucumber fruit
Cucumber fruit blend used Cucumber Fruit masker.usability is to shrink and hydrate pores that expand as well to get rid of acne.
7.coconut fruit
Coconut fruit is still quite young and the water taken rime for one night.water of coconut is used to wet bald.let head for a while, then cleaned using the water for three sampo.Do it third.Coconut fruit to nourish the hair.
8.Apples fruit
Apples grated or juiced and then blackmailed taken it water.then apply to the face. These Apples, can make the skin a fresh face.
9. mulberries fruit
Crushed mulberries until smooth and add the lime juice and cow's milk froth or foam room.Room is located on the surface of cow's milk when cooked.Do it week can make a bright face and white.
10.pineapple fruit
Pineapple fruit juice juiced and taken it core until twice one day.Pineapple fruit can make slimming body
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