Friday, December 4, 2009

how to reduce salt

One cause of recurrence of hypertension is salt, there are several ways to reduce salt intake, among others;
1.before buying food check whether the food contains a high salt.
2.consume less fast food, frozen food, canned food, preserved vegetables, and snacks that contain a lot of salt, MSG, spices and preservatives instant.
3.for patients with hypertension eat less beef, poultry or fish is smoked and salted.
4.prefer beef, poultry, fish from the canned food or processed food.
5.use less salt when cooking.
6.gradually reduce the use of salt in cooking to not use salt at all.
7.for patients with hypertension if you want to eat canned food, wash it before eating it.
8.use fresh herbs instead of salt to taste food.
9.use methods of cooking with fry with a little oil.
10.when sauteing and baking use butter or margarine that does not contain salt.
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