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Beware, Fake Drugs lurk We

You never take your medication but the disease does not heal? Or is it getting worse? Be careful, lest you are a victim of counterfeit drugs. Packaging counterfeit drugs are so similar that it is difficult to distinguish from the original are often mislead consumers, especially the laity.

You never take your medication but the disease does not heal? Or is it getting worse? Be careful, lest you are a victim of counterfeit drugs. Packaging counterfeit drugs are so similar that it is difficult to distinguish from the original are often mislead consumers, especially the laity.

I was able to distinguish counterfeit drug or not after 26 years of experience as a doctor, "said Marius Widjajarta, physicians actively involved in Health Consumer Empowerment Foundation Indonesia.

Figures counterfeit drug trafficking in Indonesia is not known with certainty. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) said, counterfeit drug trade in Indonesia is Rp 3 trillion per year, or about 10 percent of drug trafficking in the country.

Until now, listed 81 brands of medicines in circulation in Indonesia forged. These drugs are classified as drugs sold in the market. Meanwhile, the World Trade Agency (WTO) mentions, the types of counterfeit drugs in developing countries include malaria drugs, TB, and HIV / AIDS.

Some drugs classified as false because they do not have marketing authorization in Indonesia. Some are classified as false because it has levels of active ingredients below the standard. Some drugs have no active ingredients at all or not nutritious for the body.

In some countries, such as the United States (U.S.) and China, counterfeit drugs are even of killing. While in Indonesia, fake drug victims unknown quantity. Most consumers do not realize that they actually have fake drugs.

"I was never sick, did not recover despite taking medication. But, what does that mean my fake medicine?" said Santi (28), an employee of a private company.

Pharmacy or drug store does not officially guarantee the authenticity of a drug. Compare for example, certain drugs purchased at a pharmacy with the same drugs purchased at pharmacies or other drug stores. It is possible, the packaging is slightly different drugs, such as form letters or different colors.

Although not guarantee safe, Marius recommend consumers to buy drugs, particularly drugs or hard G list, at the pharmacy. Usually, the packaging of drugs G list contained a red circle with a black trim. Inside the circle with the letter K is black. This means that these drugs must be purchased with a prescription from your doctor.

In addition, there are drugs on the packaging, there is a blue circle with black trim. These drugs is a drug-free, but only be obtained at a pharmacy or drug store licensed.

By buying drugs at pharmacies, said Marius, consumers are protected. If proven drug consumers purchased is counterfeit, the pharmacy can be prosecuted by law.

In addition, in order not to get caught counterfeit drugs, consumers should also be noted carefully bought drugs. The first thing to note is the registration number as a sign of the drug had been cleared in Indonesia.

Several drugs widely consumed, such as Actifed Cold-P, which contains Triprolidine HCl, pseudoephedrine HCl BP, and Paracetamol BP, during the period 1999-2006 has yet to get register in Indonesia. Drugs outside the counterfeit can be purchased freely, among others in the Market Scouts, East Jakarta.

In addition, consumers also need to carefully check the quality of the packaging and the physical quality of these products. This recall, some counterfeit drug products almost exactly like the original. However, counterfeit packaging sometimes less tidy.

Another thing to consider is the name and address clearly listed producers. Consumers should also carefully read the indications, the manufacturer's instructions, warnings, contra indications, side effects, storage, and expiry date.


In recent months, drug counterfeiting mode in Indonesia developed. Fake drugs syndicate no longer mix or make drugs, but generic drug packaging change into a branded drug. Besides being too risky, the benefits of the counterfeiters were also dozens of times. That's because the difference in price of generic drugs and branded drugs can be up to 80 times as much.

Counterfeit drugs are also growing because there is cooperation between physicians and certain manufacturers. Since the beginning, the doctor did not explain the differences in patent medicines, branded medicines and generic drugs. Some doctors call a branded drug as a patent medicine. In fact, said Marius, both very different.

Patent medicine is a drug that is produced through research or study. Production of the drug patent lasts for 20 years before the production rights are also granted to other companies. The generic drug is a drug sold under the name of the exact name of the substance contained therein. While the branded drug is generic brand appropriate given the company name.

"What works in the body is still generic. We're enggak dining brand," said Marius.

As a patient, the consumer is entitled to decide whether he wants to use generic drugs or branded drugs. However, there are doctors who rarely gives options to patients. In addition, consumers also assumes a branded drug is more effective than generic drugs.

Bad experience about the drug include experienced Nika (26) when treated at Dr W, a specialist in the disease known in Jakarta. To treat the fungus that nested in his gut, Nika asked to buy various kinds of drugs and vitamins are worth about Rp 500,000. Later, Nika know that the stomach medicine and vitamins your doctor prescribes them unnecessary.

"Because I enggak given the same explanation and doctor choice. So, I think it," said Nika, who was still honorary status in a company. The doctor who was "bad" like that, said Marius, could be snared by the Consumer Protection Act. In addition, if it is proven there is a doctor who worked with manufacturers counterfeit drug sales could also be snared Corruption Act.

To overcome the counterfeit drugs, Marius hope the Minister of Health immediately endorsed the draft decree Minister of branded drug price comparison and the proposed generic drug Pharmacy GP last year. The draft, among other differences set the price of generic and branded drugs no more than three times as much. Thus, drug counterfeiting is expected to be reduced.

"Fraud must be reduced because it benefits also decreased. To what falsified if the difference is too little," he said. (Image)
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