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The Function of Egg

Chicken eggs or duck eggs is a matter of life resulting embryo chickens and ducks, eggs wrapped with a shell.
Chicken eggs and duck eggs consists of shells, membranes, egg white and yolk.

almost all levels of society to know and learn eggs. In the chicken egg and duck egg contained the highest animal protein after milk. Eggs can be managed easily and simply, to be enjoyed as a delicious food and yangt highly nutritious.

Although many people who know the eggs. But they do not know the health benefits for human eggs, chicken eggs and duck eggs can be used as a treatment of disease.

Chicken eggs and duck eggs, including grocery stores because many of the vital energy containing nutrients are: proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, calcium, calories, salt and ferment imarganik,

In the chicken eggs and duck eggs have a functioning ferment against bacteria, so not easily damaged or rotten. While ferment which enters our body functions to gain strength within us lactobacillus, lactobacillus that is within us to control berfumgsi other bacteria.

In the chicken egg and duck egg lysozyme there are many, iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and sodium. Addition of chicken eggs and duck eggs also contain anti-cancer agents. Kunimg While the egg is contained in some vitamins include: vitamin a, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, and vitamin D. with us to consume at least 2 eggs a day, means that we have sufficient vitamin a and vitamin b2 50%.

Fat content contained in egg yolk reached 10%, whereas almost no fat content in egg white.

How to determine good egg is;
Chicken eggs and duck eggs are good will not be submerged in salt water
If the eggs of chickens and eggs duck seen from the direction of the sun or lights, then a rotten egg will appear blackish
If yellow is located in the middle and the white color is clear that including a good egg

If we want to get the eggs with good quality care will require a good, here are some ways treating the eggs;
Do not wash chicken eggs and duck eggs before storage
Basting the chicken egg and duck egg with petroleum jelly or wax on eggshells so as not susceptible to bacterial
input chicken eggs and duck eggs into lye for some time before storage, the freshness of chicken eggs and duck eggs will last up to 3 months
Store eggs in the refrigerator, the freshness of chicken eggs and duck eggs will last for 2 months
Store eggs in the salt
Dip the chicken eggs and duck eggs in boiling water for 5-7 minutes and lift and dry

Chicken eggs and duck eggs have several properties, among others;
Improve creativity
Improving the condition of the body
Beautify skin
Menses too much to overcome
Delay aging
Prevent hardening of arteries pembulu
Overcoming cramps
Addressing diarrhea
Menstrual disorders Mangatasi
Overcoming whitish
Overcoming high blood pressure
Overcoming bleeding
Overcoming gangguhan pregnancy
Preventing heart disease
Overcoming epilepsy
Preventing cancer
Maintaining lever
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