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Different Treatment Techniques About Infertility Issues Infertility or Female Reproductive Organs

There are several types of treatment for fertility problems for both men and women. In addition to IVF, the following treatments have also been through a series of research process and its success rate was satisfactory for couples who have fertility problems.

But before you use one method of treatment of fertility problems, you should make in-depth research and discussion in advance both to the medical experts as well as to the religious leaders. Some religious groups consider some type vitro methods as well as artificial insemination, including violation of religious law. This is especially if the conception or development of babies in the womb is not the mother who provides the egg or sperm is not used from their own husband. In other words, for some religious groups, if it involves a third party either as donors or the media conception husband or wife is not legitimate, it was a breach of religious law. Therefore this problem is to select the treatment of personal decisions of each partner and need to be discussed in depth.

Before deciding to select the type of treatment techniques for infertility or infertility issues, you should ask more of the medical experts who deal with your problems. Ask any losses and benefits of each technique for you and spouse. And ask the various risks that can happen to you and your partner. Several types of treatment techniques for infertility or infertility problems who have high success rates of these are:

Artificial insemination
Artificial insemination or artificial insemination (often abbreviated as AI) is done by inserting semen containing sperm from the male into the female reproductive organs without the sex or not naturally. Semen containing sperm taken with certain equipment from a husband and then injected into the womb of the wife so that fertilization occurs and pregnancy. Usually the doctor will recommend artificial insemination as the first step before applying therapy or other types of treatment.
GIFT (Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer)
GIFT is an acronym for Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer is a technique that was introduced since 1984. The goal is to create a pregnancy. The process is done by taking eggs from the ovary or ovaries and women are matched with male sperm cells that have been cleaned. By using a tool called laparoscope, egg and sperm cells that have been brought into contact is inserted into the fallopian tubes or tube tubes of women through a small incision in the abdomen through laparoscopic surgery. Expected to happen immediately so that fertilization and pregnancy.
IVF (In Vitro fertilization)
IVF or In Vitro fertilization is also known as IVF procedure. First female egg cells and sperm cells fertilized in fertilization media outside a woman's body. Then after fertilization, a result which was inserted into the embryo in the uterus through the cervix.
ZIFT (Zygote Transfer Intrafallopian)
ZIFT or transfer Zygote Intrafallopian a zygote transfer technique or cell fertilized egg. This process is done by collecting eggs from a woman's ovaries and fertilized outside her body. Then, after the fertilized egg, put back into the fallopian tubes or tubes through a surgical tube in the abdomen with laparoscopic surgery. This technique is a combination of IVF and GIFT technique.
ICSI (intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
ICSI or intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection done by inserting a sperm cell directly into the egg cell. With this technique, the sperm cells are less active or not cooked can be used to fertilize the egg.

So you do not need to worry if your partner is experiencing infertility or infertility problems, because everything can be overcome with modern technologies available today.
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