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Of several diseases that attack the system respiration, one satnya is diferti. There are several ways to treat diferti using materials base of the egg and rice vinegar plus material other. Here are some recipes to treat diferti namely:

1. Ingredients: rice vinegar to taste with ginjean sufficiently

How to utilization: Mashed ginjen until smooth and mengeluarka water. Strain the water from the collision ginjean is then mixed with rice vinegar, then mix well, then apply to the throat every 1 to 2 hours. If the throat of mucus, use cotton sterile to clean.

2. Ingredient: 100 g fresh ginger, 100 g garlic, 500 cc rice vinegar

How to utilization: washing fresh ginger until clean, then cut into thin, then soaked in rice vinegar mixed with garlic that has been cleaned. Save marinade it in a cool dive approximately 1 month. After that vinegar rice drink and garlic eaten.

3. Ingredients: 100 g fresh ginger and 250 cc rice vinegar

How to utilization: washing ginger until clean, then soak it with vinegar rice for a while. Then drink while the stomach is empty. Once drank about 10 cc

4. Ingredients: 1 egg chicken, 30 g fresh ginger and sesame oil to taste

Ways utilized: thin slices of ginger which had been cleaned, and then mixed with the contents of eggs and sesame oil, then shake, shake until evenly distributed and the steamed, and eaten. Eat the steamer is 3x daily for 3 to 5 days

So the recipes that might help in treating the disease meets these demands diferti and hopefully heal quickly.
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Anas on November 25, 2009 at 7:14 AM said...

Amin, semoga dengan recep yang kalian berikan semakin sembuh..

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